E 1.0: Corrupted Equation dialogs - Set Default Text Size



IslandEquation 1.0 on Solaris 2.x contains some corrupted dialog boxes. Most notable is the Text->Size->Set Default Size dialog.  It appears as if incredibly small fonts are being displayed, disallowing input.

These bugs have been logged as B#8254, and are fixed in Equation 1.1, which is shipped with Island Productivity Series 6.0.


Download and install the IslandEquation 1.1 Beta binary for Solaris 2.x from Island Software's anonymous ftp site.

In a web browser, use the following URL:


Or just log in as anonymous using an ftp client:

 % ftp ftp.islandsoft.com
 <log in as 'anonymous'>
 ftp> cd pub/Equation
 ftp> binary
 ftp> get eqn11b_sol2.tar.Z
To install it, extract the compressed tar file in the Solaris 2.x bin:

 # cd $IOFFICE/bin/bin.sun4-SOL2
 # zcat /path_to/eqn11b_sol2.tar.Z | tar xvf -
 # mv eqn11b_sol2 IslandEquation
 # chmod 555 IslandEquation

Since this is a new version, you will need a new IslandEquation password.  Use $IOFFICE/bin/AddPassword to add the following password to your existing license file, netlicense.dat.

   Product: IslandEquation 1.1 Beta
  Licenses: 10 (network)
Expiration: Sept 1, 1997
    Hostid: Any

Password:               8TRXQNUUX0X3VXSI2G5

You will need to shut down and restart the license manager, then you should be ready to go...