Draw 4.0: Batch printing with -landscape broken



When attempting to use IslandDraw's batch mode options to print documents in landscape mode, the files end up printing in portrait mode with the edge cut off.  Following is the command line being used:

 % IslandDraw -batch idraw.file -landscape

This problem is logged as B#9799, and is fixed for IslandDraw 4.1 which is be shipped with Island Office 6.0.


Until Island Office 6.0 becomes available, a compressed tar file containing the Solaris 2.x binary can be found at Island's anonymous ftp site.  Here is the README.idpatch:

IslandDraw 4.0 - Build 4/17/97 - Solaris 2.x

This patch is being made available for those experiencing problems using IslandDraw's batch options to print files in landscape mode. This is a problem with IslandDraw 4.0 (IOffice 5.0.2a, and most likely all previous versions).

B#9799 - Draw: batch print/convert files in landscape mode is broken

How to get it

The patch file draw-17apr97-sol2.tar.Z is located on Island's anonymous ftp server.  In your web browser, enter this URL:


If you need to use ftp, do the following steps:

     % ftp ftp.islandsoft.com
     <log in as anonymous, entering your email address for a password>
     ftp> binary
     ftp> cd pub/Draw
     ftp> get draw-17apr97-sol2.tar.Z
     ftp> quit

The tar file contains a startup script and a patched binary:

-rwxrwxr-x 509/1     1172 Apr 17 17:08 1997 bin/IslandDrawPatch
-rwxrwxr-x 509/1004437552 Apr 17 16:55 1997 bin/bin.sun4-SOL2/IslandDrawPatch
-rw-rw-r-- 509/100   2106 Apr 23 14:25 1997 docs/README.idpatch

Installing the patch

Once you have gotten the compressed tar file, go to the top directory of your Island tree which contains the bin directory.  This directory is also knows as $IOFFICE.  Here you will install the tar file:

     # cd $IOFFICE
     # zcat /path_to/draw-17apr97-sol2.tar.Z | tar xvf -

Running the patch

To run the patch in order to print out files in landscape, just type:

 % IslandDrawPatch -batch file.id -landscape

Note that this is a special pre-release version.  You can attempt to use this IslandDrawPatch for other purposes, but take note that this new version has not been fully tested.  Please contact Island Software Technical Support if you have problems with this patch.  Thanks!