Passwords may be entered at installation time or after installation with $IOFFICE/bin/AddPassword.  We recommend entering passwords after installation.

Note: $IOFFICE is an environment variable which points to the Island Office installation directory.  For example, here is how you would set IOFFICE if your installation directory was /usr/local/ioffice_5.0:

Bourne Shell (sh):
 # IOFFICE=/usr/local/ioffice_5.0 ; export IOFFICE

C Shell     (csh):
 # setenv IOFFICE /usr/local/ioffice_5.0

Running AddPassword

AddPassword will ask you to enter some information it will need to generate your license file, called netlicense.dat.  You will need to run AddPassword once for each password issued.  Each time AddPassword is run, it will append the new information from the password to the existing $IOFFICE/licenses/netlicense.dat.  Note that existing product FEATURE lines in the netlicense.dat will be replaced by matching products contains matching products.

Before you begin: If new license information is being added to an existing license file, we recommend that you make a backup copy of the netlicense.dat just in case something goes wrong during password entry.

To run AddPassword just type the following command:

 # $IOFFICE/bin/AddPassword

1) At this point, AddPassword will show you what file it will attempt to add the licenses to.  If you get following message, skip to step 2.

 Using license file in IOFFICE directory:

   If you get a message mentioning LM_LICENSE_FILE, read on...

 Using license file: /path_to/license.dat
 from LM_LICENSE_FILE: /path_to/license.dat
 OK to use this file?

   LM_LICENSE_FILE is an environment variable used by all products that use flexlm for licensing, including Island products.  If you are familiar with flexlm and wish to add Island product keys to the    specified license file, then enter "yes".  Otherwise, enter "no", then type the absolute path name of the license file, i.e.


2) Product Serial Number:  Enter the product serial number (####-#####), which can be found on the product information sheet, as well as the box the media is shipped in.  The data typed into this field is saved    out to the $IOFFICE/licenses/serial_num.dat for safe keeping.  If you cannot find this number, just enter 'none'.

3) License type (net/node):  Enter 'net' if you requested a network (floating) license.

        Note: a node-locked license will only allow licenses to be checked out on the license host.

4) HostName:  Enter the hostname of the license host.  If you are running AddPassword on the license host, then you can accept the default.

5) Unique ID:  Enter the hostid of the license host.  The hostid is determined via the $IOFFICE/bin/lmhostid command.

6) Island Password:  Enter the password.

   If AddPassword returns 'Invalid Password, TRY AGAIN', the password was most likely typed in wrong.  Sometimes, passwords contain the letter O and number 0, or letter I and number 1 which are    difficult to distinguish.  This message is also appears if the wrong hostid was specified.  If you are sure you have entered all the information correctly, please contact Island's licensing department.  A new password may need to be generated.

Licensing: 800-255-4499

If everything went well, your new license file (netlicense.dat) should have been created.  Run AddPassword again for each remaining password if applicable.

About the license manager

Once the netlicense.dat is created, then you will need to start lmgrd, the license manager.  Make sure you are on the license host before you attempt to run the license manager!

Note: The following commands must be typed on a single line without the backslash '\'.

In Bourne Shell (sh):
# $IOFFICE/bin/lmgrd -c $IOFFICE/licenses/netlicense.dat > \
 $IOFFICE/licenses/license.log 2>&1 &

In C Shell:
# $IOFFICE/bin/lmgrd -c $IOFFICE/licenses/netlicense.dat >& \
 $IOFFICE/licenses/license.log &

The $IOFFICE/bin/license.log should contain information as to whether the license manager started correctly.  As users check in/out licenses, information will appear in this log file.

In addition, you can use the following command to query the license manager for information on available licenses.

# $IOFFICE/bin/lmstat -c $IOFFICE/licenses/netlicense.dat -a

If you need to shut down the license manager:

# $IOFFICE/bin/lmdown -c $IOFFICE/licenses/netlicense.dat

Are Island applications still coming up unlicensed?

If the license manager appears to be running, and lmstat returns good information, then the user may have the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable set in their environment.  LM_LICENSE_FILE is a common environment variable used by all applications using Flexlm.  If this variable is set, then Island products will use it instead of the default license file path: $IOFFICE/licenses/netlicense.dat

To fix this, add the Island license file to this variable, which can be a colon separated list of license files, e.g. (in csh)

% setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE $IOFFICE/licenses/netlicense.dat:$LM_LICENSE_FILE

If you are still having problems, please contact Island Technical Support.

Support: 800-255-4499