Draw: Supported Postscript formats and notes



What are the Island products' limitations for importing PostScript files?


Importing PostScript, EPS, and HPGL files into Island Draw and Island Presents is subject to the following limitations:

PostScript/EPS: Files are always converted into an 8.5 x 11 inch tablet. File elements may be scaled to fit within an 11 x 11 inch square: some objects may appear in the gray area surrounding the tablet. Since Island Presents and Island Draw do not support multiple pages, if PostScript files are multi-page, only the first page will be converted. PS or EPS files may contain rasters with bit depths from 1 to 24, but bit depths greater than 8 will be downsampled to 8.

Unsupported PostScript operaters include: checkpassword, copypage, eescratch, idlefonts, jobtimeout, margins, pagecount, pagestackorder, pagetype, printername,rrand, sccbatch, sccinteractive, seteescratch, setidlefonts, setjobtimeout, setmargins, setpagetype, setpassword, setprintername, setsccbatch, setsccinteractive, setscreen, token.

EPSF and EPSI files can be exported (version 1.2 of EPSF) or imported (choose EPS Image or EPS Objects).

Color PostScript, EPSF, and EPSI: Pattern outlines convert back into IslandPresents with solid foreground only.