XKeysymDB additions for Island apps under SunOS4/OpenLook



Occasionally users of the Island Software products running under Sun OS and OpenWindows experience some problems with their software. Sometimes the applications just crash and sometimes they run, but the users get a continuous stream of XKeysymDB Error messages in their startup window, like:

Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown keysym name: osfCancel
Warning: ... found while parsing '<Key>osfCancel:ListKbdCancel()'
Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown keysym name: osfLeft
Warning: ... found while parsing '~c ~s <Key>osfLeft:ListLeftChar()'


In order to get the Island Motif applications to run under OpenWindows on SunOS, they will need to do two things:

1) Get a the SunOS OpenWindows jumbo patch 100444-76 from Sun Microsystems which allows the Motif applications to run under the OpenLook Window Manager.  To get the patch, you can:

2) To eliminate the numerous XKeysymDB warning messages when running the applications, the user will have to perform the following steps:

--------------------------% snip snip %---------------------------------
! XKeysymDB.island
! Begin Key Definitons for Island Software Applications
osfCopy:                1004FF02
osfCut:                 1004FF03
osfPaste:               1004FF04
osfBackTab:             1004FF07
osfBackSpace:           1004FF08
osfClear:               1004FF0B
osfEscape:              1004FF1B
osfAddMode:             1004FF31
osfPrimaryPaste:        1004FF32
osfQuickPaste:          1004FF33
osfPageLeft:            1004FF40
osfPageUp:              1004FF41
osfPageDown:            1004FF42
osfPageRight:           1004FF43
osfActivate:            1004FF44
osfMenuBar:             1004FF45
osfLeft:                1004FF51
osfUp:                  1004FF52
osfRight:               1004FF53
osfDown:                1004FF54
osfEndLine:             1004FF57
osfBeginLine:           1004FF58
osfEndData:             1004FF59
osfBeginData:           1004FF5A
osfPrevMenu:            1004FF5B
osfNextMenu:            1004FF5C
osfPrevField:           1004FF5D
osfNextField:           1004FF5E
osfSelect:              1004FF60
osfInsert:              1004FF63
osfUndo:                1004FF65
osfMenu:                1004FF67
osfCancel:              1004FF69
osfHelp:                1004FF6A
osfSelectAll:           1004FF71
osfDeselectAll:         1004FF72
osfReselect:            1004FF73
osfExtend:              1004FF74
osfRestore:             1004FF78
osfDelete:              1004FFFF
! End Key Definitions for Island Software Applications