How to edit files for "Frame Live Link" in Calc to work



When trying to live-link Calc spreadsheets into Frame,  Print To FrameMaker option is desensitized in Calc's print dialog box.


Here is what the Calc 3.0 manual says:

Select FrameMaker from the Print To: option menu.  If the FrameMaker choice is desensitized, it means that your inseteditors file is not setup correctly, or you have not restarted FrameMaker since you changed that file.


The following lines need to be added to the following FrameMaker file:  $FMHOME/frame/

Note: Make sure IslandCalc is in your path before starting FrameMaker.

---------------- BEGIN -------------------------

        <Name fmbitmap>
        <CommandLine $FMHOME/bin/fmbitmap>
        <Facet BitmapFile.facet>
        <Facet Data.facet>
        <RPCProgram 300007>
        <RPCVersion 1>

        <Name IslandCalc>
        <CommandLine IslandCalc -L3>
        <Facet IslandCalc>
        <ServerProperty _EXCLAIM_RPC>
        <RPCProgram 300044>
        <RPCVersion 1>

---------------- END -------------------------