How to Lock Color Maps to Prevent Flashing



Many users of Island Software applications contact Island Software Technical Support to report seeing 'color flashing' on their monitors when switching back and forth between Island and non-Island applications.

'Color flashing' is common and is preventable, though it is not considered a software bug.

The workstation's colormap is shared among all active applications at any one time. When the applications together use more than 256 colors, the system will swap the colormap to the appropriate one for the application that the mouse pointer is positioned on.



 Place the cursor in the Island application window and press  Ctrl-L2 to lock the colormap for use with a single  application.  Press Ctrl-L4 to unlock the colormap, allowing  the colormap to change between applications, flashing as  necessary.  On more recent Sun keyboards, try Ctrl-Again.


 An effect similar to the OpenWindows colormap lock can be attained  under the Motif window manager by doing the following:

1. In your ~/.Xdefaults file add:

Mwm*colormapFocusPolicy:             explicit

 This prevents the colormap focus from following the keyboard focus.

 2. Then in your .mwmrc file add to the RootMenu:

         "Colormap"              f.focus_color

   and add to the MwmWindowMenu:

         "Colormap"              f.focus_color

3. Log out and back in again.    Now an additional entry in the indicated menu's (Colormap) will  install that window's colormap.


 1. Users will need to modify the .vue/vuewmrc in their directory.  Add the following line in two places -- the RootMenu  definitions and to the DefaultWindowMenu definitions:
"Colormap"      f.focus_color

 2. Then, to ~/.Xdefaults, add the lines:

Mwm*colormapFocusPolicy:        explicit
Mwm*windowMenu:                 DefaultWindowMenu
Mwm*buttonBindings:             PointerButtonBindings

 3. Log out and back in again.