License Manager Daemon



Trouble starting the license manager daemon. When I just type in the lmgrd command, I receive the following statement:

license manager: can't initialize: cannot find license file (No such file or directory)


The lmgrd license manager must be running in order for this to work. This can be found by doing the following commands:

ps -ef|grep lmgrd

This should show the license manager and the file it is using. If it is not running then connect to the bin directiory for the Island install to run lmgrd from there. It needs a netlicense.dat file in order to run. These are usually held in the license directory under the Island install. Command should specify the full path of the binary and the license file.

/opt/Island/bin/bin.sun4-SOL2/lmgrd -c /opt/Island/Licenses/netlicense.dat

If an & is placed on the end of this line, the program will run in background and return the process number of that background process.

NOTE: The full path for the license file MUST be specified in order for the lmgrd to work, or indeed the lmstat command. This is because the usual place for the license file is /usr/local/flexlm/licenses but our licenses need to be under the Island install dirctory hence need full path.