Getting Started With IslandShow



IslandShow is an IslandPresents runtime program that allows users to send presentations to other workstations that do not have IslandPresents.  With IslandShow, presentations can either be viewed on-screen or printed, without the need for IslandPresents to be loaded.

IslandPresents users can create a runtime presentation by simply choosing "File->Save As-> Slide Show" in IslandPresents. Presents then creates a directory containing the elements needed to run a slide show independent of IslandPresents.  If your version of Presents supports this feature, proceed to the steps below under "Viewing Presentations With IslandShow".

If your IslandPresents predates version 1.1 and does not have the "Save As-> Slide Show" option, you must create the special directory mentioned above by manually copying files from your ioffice directory. This procedure is described below under "Manually Creating IslandShow Directory Structure."


Type the following to view a presentation with IslandShow; make sure to specify the file (presentation) you wish to view:

 % islandshow_directory/IslandShow filename &

 The slide show dialog box appears.

The user can choose the following options:

* OPERATION: Manual or Automatic --
Choose Manual to advance the slides at your own pace. Choose Automatic to have the slide show displayed automatically.  During manual operation, click the left mouse button to move forward through the slide show one slide at a time. Click the right mouse button to display slides in the reverse direction.

Select this option to display the slide show at full screen size. Deselect this option to have the slide show display at the default size.

Select this option to run the slide show in a continuously repeating cycle. Deselect this option to make the show run only once then stop. This option only applies to automatic operation.

Choose To Window to scale slides to fit in the slide show display dialog box. Choose Actual Size to retain the original size of the slides.

Type a slide number to begin the slide show at a specific slide. Repeating shows begin again at this slide.

Choose Start Show to begin the slide show. The slide show begins with the first slide in the presentation or the starting slide number specified in the Slide Show dialog box.

Choose Cancel to exit the show.

Or, to stop a slide show in progress without exiting IslandShow:

 Press <Esc>.


The following command line options are also available for use when starting IslandShow:

-direct  Starts show immediately, bypassing the slide show dialog box.   The operation mode is manual.

filename (REQUIRED) Displays the IslandShow dialog box allowing you to   set show options.  When you choose Start Show, the   specified file is loaded.

-2  Displays IslandShow in monochrome mode.

-print  Prints the presentation.

-command cmd Specifies the print command to use. The default is lp.
      EXAMPLE: If you use 'lpr' to print, add "-command lpr"   to the IslandShow command.

-printer name Specifies the printer to use. The default is lw.
      EXAMPLE: If your printer's name is 'lasermania', add   "-printer lasermania" to the IslandShow command.

-cfit 64/128 Displays the closest fit with 64 or 128 colors.

-file filename Prints the presentation to the specified file.

-copies nr Prints the specified number of copies.

-type ps|color_ps Specifies the type of printer you are using, whether   black and white or color postscript. The default is color.

-range min max Specifies the range of slides to print. The default is all   slides.
     EXAMPLE: to print slides 3 through 8, add   "-range 3 8" to the IslandShow command.


1. Become superuser.

 % su root

2. Create the following directory for your presentation.

 % mkdir islandshow_dir

3. Create the following subdirectories in islandshow_dir.

auxiliary -- This can be empty but it must exist.

bin -- Copy IslandShow from ioffice/bin/bin.<ARCH>/bin.<GUI> into this  directory.

fonts -- Copy all the fonts you have used in your presentation from your  ioffice/fonts directory into this directory.

sounds -- Copy any sounds you have used in the presentation into this  directory.

printer/preambles -- Create the preambles directory in the printer directory.  Copy the file ioffice/printer/preambles/ into this  directory. (Note: this is only necessary if the viewer plans to  print the presentation.)

4. Copy the file Version from ioffice into islandshow_dir.